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SUMA DRAIN GTS PLUS 7514130 1x10ltr

Stock Code: HK012

Suma Drain GTS Plus is a concentrated biological formulation designed for the preventive maintenance of drains, grease traps, drain line treatment, keeping them free from blockage and eliminating malodour. Suma Drain GTS Plus is a highly concentrated formulation which contains a patented blend of microbial species that degrade organic waste such as grease, short and long-chain fatty acids, proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates. Suma Drain GTS Plus contains ingredients, which reduce the production of odours by inhibiting biological production of odour causing compounds, such as Hydrogen Sulphide and the rancid, foul-odoured volatile fatty acids that result from septic or anaerobic environments. Suma Drain GTS Plus contains a special patented strain which degrades long chain fatty acids that are known to be persistent in the environment causing the majority of maintenance and treatment problems. Suma Drain GTS Plus incorporates an innovative inhibitory system that produces excellent product stability, yet upon addition to a drain line or grease trap, these same ingredients stimulate the growth and activity of the bacteria. Suma Drain GTS Plus is an environmentally friendly formulation that does not damage drain pipes and traps, and is compatible with sewage treatment systems.

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